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Genix HubStation

Raspberry PI based real-time system.

Our HubStation Supports cloud server and peer to peer adapter simultaneously and moreover can handle hounsands of tasg in real-time. It uses a low-cost Raspberry Pi as a cloud server, and is built on top of the html5/websoket/spring boot software stack.

Concrete meets bricks

HubStation Internals

Concrete meets bricks

100% cloud based middleware.

It is ready and easy for you to work.

All you have to do is to make json files and html documents according to naming rule and , to download it to the Hubstation, to connect the Hubstation to the Internet.That's all your are done. When customers access using a browser, they will be able to see all information updated in real time.

If you want customizing

You can make your own CSS and Javascript.

Compard to conventional HMI.

Costs almost 1/20

Our Hubstation is made of low cost Hubstation.Nevertheless, it can handle thousands of tags in real time.

It is because of our sophisticated coding, know-how and long term experience.

Particullarly more excellent in mobiles

So our Hubstation will replace conventinal HMI to a large extent, such as smart farm ,building management,public facility management,water and sewage treatement etc.

Peer to peer native app development framework

We also provide multi-platform peer to peer navtive app devlopment framework

Concrete meets bricks

It supports real-time object-oriented protocol and multi-platform

such as Windows,iOS,Android,Linux. So All kind of devices,that is embeded deice,mobile,desktop, server can connect to our HubStation

For developers, with only 4 APIs,less than 1 hour is taken for integrating legacy code because of hiding complex and hard-to-understanding mechanism such as real-time communication,callback etc. They can be easlly integrated with the following languages.

       ■Swift,objective-C for iOS

       ■C/C++ for Windows,Linux

       ■C# for

       ■Java for Android,Linux,Windows


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